Owned & Operated by Doctors

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide excellent patient satisfaction by achieving the best surgical outcomes while maintaining outstanding patient service.  This will be done by providing the surgeons with the newest and best technologies, enthusiastic nurses, and a safe and attractive environment. We will ensure our staff is highly trained and interested in providing the best care to all patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional outpatient surgical care to the people of Southport, Connecticut, and the surrounding communities

About the Center

Sasco Hill Surgery Center opened its doors on October 2019, with a Connecticut Department Public Health license, accredited by CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), and has since achieved national accreditation from AAAHC (The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care). The facility was able to transfer all active insurance contracts by doing a change of address with the existing certificate of need, this allowed for no disruption in reimbursement when the center opened. The facility was designed by doctors for the best patient and surgeon experience in an outpatient environment. The look and finishes in the center demonstrate quality and excellence. The technology is state of the art to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The management and Board of directors’ mission is to let the surgeons do the best surgery they can, with the best equipment and not be dictated to by non-medical corporations. This translates to better patient outcomes as well as an enjoyable environment for doctors, patients, and staff.

The Ambulatory surgery center has an existing track record, under a different name, The facility conducted business for twenty years with national accreditation and excellent outcomes, After building failure forced the center to close 3 years ago, The center moved to a more strategic demographic and reopened with the insight and knowledge of running a first rate center.


  • Doctors can request the nurses they like best and have them for every case
  • Doctors can get the equipment and supplies best suited for their technique
  • Run more efficiently with faster turnover times
  • More responsive to patient needs
  • Plenty of parking
  • Great location, only multi-specialty in Fairfield
  • Very close to Route 95

Business Hours

Open Monday-Friday
7am to 5pm


Sasco Hill Surgery Center
2600 Post Road
Southport, CT 06890



Billing Questions?  (203) 718-3949

Phone: (203) 763-1446

Fax: (203) 292-3075

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